History of Enacon Parking

Enacon Parking Pty Limited is wholly owned subsidiary of Mulpha Australia Limited focussing on property development, ownership and management, particularly in the areas of land subdivision and car parking. Enacon Parking develops and operates the group’s car parking facilities.

Enacon Parking has been involved in the design, construction, financing and operation of car parking facilities in Australia since 1979 with operations covering Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane on freehold land and Government leasehold land using a combination of innovative design and financing technique and then continued to operate and/or manage for long time periods. Car parking facilities developed, operated and/or managed include;

Sydney Opera House Car Park

Enacon Parking was awarded a contract by the NSW State Government to design, finance, construct and operate the Sydney Opera House Parking Station in 1990. Construction of this parking station (completed in March 1993) is unique as it has been totally tunnelled from solid sandstone without any detriment to the surrounding environment including the Royal Botanical Gardens and NSW Government House, both of which overlie the site.

Enacon Parking sold this operation in March 2005

Cathedral Street Car Park

Enacon Parking constructed a 365 space car park beneath Cook & Phillip Park adjacent to the Aquatic Centre. This was a tender to the City of Sydney on a design, construct, finance and operate basis. Construction was completed in 2000 and is currently still managed by Enacon Parking.

383 Kent Street Parking Station

Enacon designed, developed and operated this 1,000 space, 10 level parking station in Kent St, Sydney. It was sold shortly after construction but retained the management rights under a profit sharing agreement. The original 20 year agreement expired in 1998 and Enacon Parking continued management until mid November 2000 when the car park closed temporarily for re-development.

Sydney Airport Domestic Parking Station

Enacon Parking designed, constructed, financed and operated the 2,600 space multi-deck car park for the domestic terminal at Sydney Airport for more than 20 years before handing over management in 1998 to another operator.

Sydney Airport Long Term Car Park

Enacon Parking designed, constructed, financed and operated the 1,000 space parking area for long term parkers at Sydney Airport under a similar agreement to the domestic terminal parking station ceasing management in 1998.

Melbourne Airport Remote Parking Station

Enacon Parking designed, constructed, financed and operated under lease the remote parking area at Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport, operations now ceased.

Buranda Parking Station

Enacon Parking designed, developed and operated the Buranda Parking Station in Brisbane until its sale in 1991. This parking station was designed to accommodate both a commercial and retail component together with parking for 600 vehicles at the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

Duncan Street Car Park

Enacon Parking designed, financed, constructed and operated the Duncan Street Car Park in Brisbane until its sale in 1990.